Frequently Asked Questions

What do I need for Class 3 examination?

A Clear Class 5 (non GDL), a written test, a road test. If the vehicle you take the test on has air brakes you also need Air Brakes Endorsement.

What do I need for a class 1 license?

A clear Class 5 license (non GDL), a medical exam, Air Brakes Endorsement, a written test, and a road test.

What licenses require a medical examination?

A class 1 license, a class 2 license and a class 4 license.

What would I use a class 2 license for?

The intention of the class 2 license is to operate a bus or a motor coach, hauling people. The class 2 license also makes you eligible to drive a straight truck, a taxi, and an ambulance.

The only vehicles you would not be eligible to drive is a tractor trailer, truck and trailer with air brakes, and a motorcycle. You need a Class 6 license to drive a motorcycle.

What issues may arise at the registry when making transactions there?

Be aware that if you have any outstanding fines, appearance notices, or outstanding Maintenance Payments, you will not be able to perform any transactions at a Registry until these issues are paid or attended to.

These kinds of issues will prevent your completion of driver training or upgrade. *

What is involved in a day at Air brake Endorsement?

We will start off with a 6 hour theory session, followed by an Air Brake Theory Examination.

Upon successful completion of the Examination, the student will be given a practical demonstration of inspection and testing the air system, and adjusting the slack adjusters.

This will be followed by student practice and successful demonstration by the student to the satisfaction of the instructor. With smaller classes, this process can usually be accomplished the same day. With larger classes, there may be another day scheduled to practice and perform the air brake practical.

Ultimately the student should achieve his certificate, and then proceed to the registry to register the certificate on his license as a “Q” endorsement.