Mission Statement

  • To promote a safe and courteous traffic environment in our community.
  • To lobby for changes to the traffic environment where safety and efficiency concerns demand them.
  • To recognize the excellent contributions of transportation professionals to the economic and lifestyle health of our community.
  • To correctly interpret the civil and criminal codes of Canada as they apply to issues of transportation.
  • To oppose unsafe transportation practices and model correct ones.
  • To encourage students to strive for an excellent level of adherence to the laws and courtesies of vehicle and equipment operation.
  • To maintain an inspiring and non-threatening learning environment for every student who studies here.
  • To develop effective learning processes for every task we undertake.
  • To respect the dignity and protect the integrity of every student.
  • To treat each student as a transportation professional in development.
  • To challenge every student to strive for personal achievement above and beyond a medially acceptable level
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